New Seabury, MA lost ring - found and returned.

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

It had been two years since I was called from the New Seabury area, a very private community, to look for a lost ring. The beach area where a ring was lost was well described and I was on my way with another detectorist, the hunt was on. We arrived 15 minutes before the beach area closed and were granted access and told how to exit the beach after hours. The tide was going out, and we worked the slope to the water’s edge until we were stopped by the heavy presence of seaweed. We then walked through the band of seaweed and detected further out for another half hour.

The sun had set; it was time to leave. We set up for the last pass before being defeated. Then, right in line where we were told the ring was lost I got a signal from my detector. From under an inch of seaweed, two inches of water and 4 inches of sand a ring was caught in my scoop. Time for a happy dance; the ring was found!

A couple of days later the ring was reunited with Dana and a Happy Smiles picture was taken.

Thanks to The Ring Finders and Dana for making this story a great memory for all.

Dans Rick Dana Ring

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Richard…Talk about good timing for the ring to show itself! Great work!

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