Mayflower Beach, Cape Cod ring return

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)
Bob with a Smile On!

Bob with a Smile On!

Bob crop ring

Bob had a question: “Do rings move far when lost in the ocean? “

Well that depends on were they are lost. They can if the surf and conditions are right. A steep inclination of the wet slope, high surf and large storms have been said to attribute to the movement of rings over 5 miles along a shore line. Beaches on the north and south shores of Cape Cod are prone to keep a ring within several feet of where it was lost. This was the case with a wedding band lost for the second time. A week after the ring was lost it may have move no more than 25 feet vertically and 4 inches down into the wet sand. The ring’s movement increased the search area and is the reason for the recovery taking just over an hour.

Bob had lost his ring on August 11th in 3 feet of water at high tide and could not locate it himself. Bob contacted me on the 16th and was wearing it again on the 17th. His wife and others had no faith in his reaching out to others to find his ring; they now will not boohoo his faith so much. Bob did promise his wife that he will have the ring sized down so it will not slip off his finger again. We all know the third time is the charm and the ocean just may keep his ring if he looses it a third time.

If anyone looses an object on the sand or in the water the first thing they should do is to drop several coins or bottle caps in the area. Next they should contact a RingFinder, metal detecting club, or local metal detector dealer for help in locating the object.

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  1. Joe silva says:

    My name is Joe Silva and I lost my wedding band at Mayflower beach a number of years ago. It has 10/4/2003 on the inside and was a standard gold band. I know this is a long shot but thought I’d give it a try.

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