Lost gold ring in Enebakk, Norway

  • from Follo (Norway)

Yesterday I received a phone call from a woman.  She told me that the day before her husband had lost his wedding band when he had been working on their farm.  It was a really big ring , 25 gram, in white, yellow and red gold. They had been looking for it the whole evening,  but could not  find the ring in the snow.  And it was still snowing…. They were pretty sure that it was lost outside the house.  Could I give it a try she asked?

Of course I could,  I put my gear in the car and drove over to their home.  It started to get dark and snowing heavy when I got to the farm.  I started to search the garden,  outside the house,  where they were sure they had lost it.

After a hour and a half I still no ring,  I ask the owner if he was sure he had not been anywhere  else.  Well, he said,  I was over to the parking lot a couple of hundred meters away,  but I’m pretty sure i did not loose it there.  At this time I was cold and wet, but I really wanted to find the ring,  so I told him that I wanted to try the parking lot.

We went over there and after 15 minutes a got a nice signal.  And there it was.  A massive beautiful gold ring. Oh boy, was he a happy man when I gave him the ring! I just love this job!

Norwegian reader can find the whole story in Norwegian at my private blog, Metallsøkerposten

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