Lost 14K Yellow Wedding Band, Forest Heights Neighborhood, Edmonton.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)



Katelyn call to request my service to locate her ring while she was out in her garden getting it ready for planting season.

Katelyn showed me the area where she was picking weeds and cleaning up. She had also been digging up a tree root and thought the ring could possibly be there but unfortunately it was not.

I searched the whole back yard with no ring! Then she said she was along the side of the house cleaning up the flower beds and again no ring, so we headed to the front of the house and searched the flower beds!  Two hours of searching with no luck! I could see on Katelyn’s face that she was very disappointed so I decided to do a final sweep of the area just to confirm the ring was not in the garden. Bang! I received the ring tone I was listening for! Her ring was well blended in the lawn and without a metal detector it would have never been found.

I called Katelyn over and showed her where her ring was.  She was jumping with joy to have her ring back on her finger.

Katelyn was married two weeks ago and the ring was of sentimental value from a previous family member, not only that, it was also her wedding ring!

Thank you Katelyn,


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