Carats for the horses!!

  • from Kilgore (Texas, United States)

Today I received a message from Tommy saying that they lost a wedding ring. I call him and he said they were throwing carrots to the horses and all of her rings flew off. We chatted a bit more and I decided to head right over. When I arrived Tommy and his fur babies greeted me. Tommy then walked me over to the pasture and showed me the grid. He mentioned they already found two of the three ring. I looked at the decent sized area and started swinging. I looked through the whole area to no avail. I started to look again, just in a different direction. I didn’t even go five feet, when I heard that sweet sound. I looked down and saw something shiny. At first I thought it was a play ring. I said, “is this it?”. His eyes got so big as he said YES! At that point I didn’t know who was smiling harder. This was my first ring found with The Ring Finders and hope there are many more to come.

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  1. Tommy King says:

    Nick found the ring within an hour! We had searched for hours with our detector. I can’t say enough about his professionalism and expertise!

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