Class Ring Found in Vermont

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)


A very bittersweet ring return.

Last Sunday, on my way home from a ring search for a client, I decided to detect the woods for an hour in hopes of finding something old and interesting. I also get exercise, relaxation and keep in practice with all my detectors this way.

Right at dark, I got a faint signal, and almost ignored it. It gave erratic numbers, and was hard to pinpoint. I was digging about 9” down, expecting to find a corroded piece of scrap metal, when my finger felt something slippery smooth. My heart skipped a couple beats, knowing what that felt like. I got my cell phone out and shined the light down into the hole. Sure enough, there was a gold ring down there. I pulled it out, cleaned it up a bit and could see it was a 1968 men’s class ring from a nearby high school.

Monday, I emailed the administration office and gave them the initials that were on the inside. Thursday they emailed back with his name and said his home was in the next town over.

So I found his number online and gave a call. The lady who answered was his mother and she had bad news for me. Her son had passed away in June from a serious health issue at only 72 years old. She also told me that her husband of 73 years had died in March. I don’t know how her heart could take it. She said it’s been a really tough year.

My wife and I went to her house today, she invited us in, and we had a really nice visit.

I’m hoping that in some small way, this ring might help her. My wife says everything happens for a reason.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Amazing! So sad in so many ways but at the same time a little happiness! Congrats on a fantastic recovery and for doing what you do!It’s nice to know it found its way home with your help!

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