Lost 14k Rose Gold Ring in West Jordan: Found

Kiley reached out to me after realizing she just lost her 14k rose gold wedding ring. She came home and went to bring in the trash cans off the street. The trash can lid was open so she flipped it closed which upon doing, she got some snow on her hands. She went to flick off the snow and heard her ring hit the snow. It was dark and she was unable to see where it landed. It was a beautiful 14k rose gold ring with an Opal and two small diamonds. After searching in the snow, she turned to finding a metal detector and found this page.  I went over that evening in the dark and search for nearly two hours along the tree strip where the trash can had been. I expanded the search area but unfortunately did not find the ring that night. I went home, tested a few small rings my wife has making sure my detector was picking up the signal. It was working great! I also came up with a theory that the ring didn’t actually come off her hand after closing the lid to the trash can but that the lid of the trash can caught her ring and threw it up in the air directly into the street or to the tree strip across the street. I went back the next day and continued to search the area she thought she lost it but after an hour or so, still no ring. I decided to put my theory to action and after just a few minutes directly across the street, I found her ring laying in the tree street about 40 feet away! It just so happened to be Kiley’s birthday so it was a nice birthday surprise getting the ring back to her!

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  1. Kylie Whiteley says:

    Michael is amazing!!! Without him, I know I never would have seen my wedding ring again. He searched diligently in the dark, in the freezing snow, for 2 hours with headlamp on. He left that night empty handed, but brainstormed where it could have went when it flew off my finger when he got home. He came back the next day to search again, and found it right where he brainstormed it would be. I appreciate his hard work, attention to detail, and dedication. Especially in the dead of winter! It was SO COLD! He happened to find it on my birthday, and seriously saved my special day. Thank you Michael, you are one of the best people out there!

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