Lost rings at Pacific Beach, Found!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

        Kara called at about 7pm saying that she lost two rings at Pacific Beach, two days ago. I told her I was on my way and also explained that it’s entirely possible that someone else could have already found them, as that beach is heavily hunted. I arrived a bit after sunset and was shown the search area. Dry sand and it was marked where they thought the rings fell. A common story about the rings having been removed and wrapped up in a shirt for safekeeping. Later,  the shirt went back on and the rings went into the sand. After only ten minutes or so, and a few junk targets, I hit the first ring….a screaming silver sound.  A foot away, I get the sketchy, small white gold sound. The E-trac, Stealth 720i, and the Vibraprobe get the job done again along with some great work by Kara to get me near the spot! Nice to meet you and thank you for the reward.

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4 Replies to “Lost rings at Pacific Beach, Found!”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Nice going Mark, I’m glad the couple found you and the rings were still there!

  2. Kara says:


    Thank you so incredibly much for helping me out last night. On Thursday, I lost two rings which held a lot of significance to me–a white gold promise ring that I’ve had since eighth grade and a sterling silver ring that was a gift from my boyfriend’s mom before I went on deployment. I was surfing at the beach and forgot to pick them back up off my shirt before putting it on to go home. It was way too late on Thursday when I realized I lost them, and I had to go out to sea over the weekend so I couldn’t call Mark until Sunday night! I had a pretty good idea of where I was when I lost them, and it only took Mark an hour from me calling him to get there. I didn’t think anyone would pick up on a Sunday during Labor Day weekend at 7 PM, but I’m glad he did! It took him less than 20 minutes to find my rings, and Mark is officially my new hero. Super nice, professional, and thorough–I’m so thankful for your help, and I plan on telling all my friends how awesome you are. Thank you, Ring Finders! =)


  3. Mike Mc says:

    Way to answer the call Mark and pull those rings out of the quick sand. Always a great feeling, hey?!!
    Mike McInroe

  4. Mark Rubey says:

    Thanks for the kind words everyone!

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