Rings lost at Mission Beach FOUND!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

     Deanna called me at 7:30pm and asked me if I can find her husband’s tungsten carbide wedding ring. After getting some preliminary info, I told her I would meet them in about an hour. I arrived at the beach and found them still on the sand where they had pitched an umbrella earlier in the day. Always a good sign when people stay where they lose something. Seems her husband was vigorously brushing sand off his hands and the ring went flying. I started my grid right where he was standing while doing the brushing and branched out from there.

     After a few junk sounds and expanding the search area a bit, I found it about another 15 feet closer to the water, 2 inches down, and dead center in the tire track made by the lifeguard truck! They were both overjoyed to get it back. When the dust had settled a bit and I was getting ready to do some photos, they asked me if I’d like to find another ring. After my rhetorical question “you lost another ring?” I found out that it belonged to Deanna this time and it was lost in the sand too, about 20 away from where they were sitting. After a minute or two, I found it and handed it to her. She then said that it was just one of a two ring set she lost at the same time! About 5 feet away, the other ring turned up too.

      After verifying that there weren’t any more items to be found, we gathered up our stuff and went over toward the boardwalk to take the photos. I’ve found a few double ring losses before, but that was my first triple, and my first for both husband and wife! It was a pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go on the triple header… I’ve had a few of those as well…Sounds like they were testing you out to see if you were good at what you do…And you are!!!Great smiles!

  2. Wow, a TRIPLE?!! I got a double only twice but never a triple. Way to go.

  3. Great job on the x3 find! I enjoy reading about your recoveries Mark. Keep them coming!

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