Keys found in Coronado

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

I talked with Dave on the phone about finding his car key. Seems it fell out of his back pack while he was at Coronado dog beach with his dog. He googled “detector rental”  and contacted DeMarco detector sales in NJ. After Dave found out that they were a continent away, Joe DeMarco  suggested that he call me, since I’m here in the same  area. Thanks Joe. Dave laid out a big square area in the sand where he thought he was camped and I proceded to run a grid pattern with my Minelab E-trac/15″WOT combo. After about 15 minutes and 3/4 of the box having been searched, I hit the right spot! Good job Dave to get me in the proper area!  Good to meet you and thank you for the reward!

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2 Replies to “Keys found in Coronado”

  1. Always nice to get a referral and nice when the owner picks the right spot to search.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    It’s amazing how much car key can cost nowadays… Way to go! congratulations on your recovery, Best, Chris

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