Lost rings in Provo: Found

This is a sad story with a happy ending. Unfortunately, Jill’s mother passed away. After the funeral and the viewing, Jill lovingly removed the four heirloom rings from her mother’s hand and wrapped them in a tissue before the casket was closed for the burial. Later, at home with family and friends, there were lots of tears shed and lots of tissues used. Someone who was just trying to help gathered up all the tissues, including the one with the rings, tossed them in the trash, then took the trash bag out and threw it in a large dumpster. Jill, after having lost her mother, now had to face the additional loss of the heirloom rings. Her husband Nate knew he had to find the rings, but more trash was being added to the dumpster all the time, and the garbage truck was coming soon. He found my name on TheRingFinders.com, called me, and I came immediately. Nate had been pulling trash bags from the dumpster and arranging them so I could quickly scan them with my metal detector. As I detected possible targets, we would tear open the trash bags to investigate further. After a several minutes of searching, we found the rings! When she saw the rings, Jill grabbed Nate and cried into his shoulder for several minutes, overwhelmed with relief at getting the lost rings back.

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