Bristol, Indiana Whats lost can be found!!

  • from Bristol (Indiana, United States)

Hi my name is Lamar Chupp. I have been detecting for several years now and I have been taught by some amazing people.  My father-in-law detected for 40 years and taught me everything he knew.  My passions are metal detecting and scuba diving.  I am determined to help people find their missing items.  Whether it’s jewelry, rings, coins, or relics.  Land or water.  New or old.  I am willing to help you find what you have lost.  I have the newest land and water technology and am very familiar with it.  Please feel free to contact me if you need help finding anything.

Thank you,

Lamar Chupp

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  1. Riddhi Desai says:

    Very much thankful! He helped me find my fiance’s engagement ring. We lost it while playing in Snow. He is very smart and he knows what he does. Such a kind person, very greatful for what he does. Thanks a lot.

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