Lost Diamond Ring found in Salmon Arm

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

On a sunny day in Salmon Arm BC, Mike & Kelly Wilson were taking a stroll along the walkway next to the river. As they stopped and leaned on the rail to take in the scenery, Kelly was twisting the ring on her finger when suddenly it slipped off her finger falling onto the rocks and bush below. No problem said Mike, I saw it bounce & we will walk down and pick it up. Well after a few hours of searching they could not locate the ring.The next day Mike went to the local store and purchased a metal detector to assist them with the search, with no success they considered making an insurance claim. Mike thinking that someone more proficient with a metal detector may be able to help them, found me on the internet and asked if I would be willing to assist them. I told him I would be only too happy to help him out. After a two hour drive to Salmon Arm from Kelowna, Kelly showed me the location that she was standing on the walkway, I procceded to search the area and removed various pieces of foil and bottle caps., when after a few minutes I got a good signal around some roots in the long grass. Unable to visually see the target, I probed around with my finger, I felt the shank of the ring and said that I thought I had found something,  much to Kelly`s excitement. I removed the ring and was shocked to see a large 14 karat yellow gold ring with 15 large diamonds that Mike had valued at over $15,000.  Kelly was now so excited she gave hugs all around and dashed off to show all her friends. Mike was more than happy to give me a large reward. Plus a feather in the cap for the “Ringfinders”