Lost Diamond Ring Second Beach (Sachuest Beach) Middletown Rhode Island... Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Stephanie called after losing her diamond ring at Second Beach (Sachuest Beach) Middletown Rhode Island. She jumped out of her beach chair to chase her toddler, forgetting her ring was sitting on her lap. She realized the ring was lost while driving home and called me immediately. After a brief phone call and some rescheduling, I was on my way to find Stephanie’s lost ring. I met Stephanie’s husband Drew at the beach and he took me right to the location they were sitting on the previous day. It being a Sunday with beautiful weather, the beach was packed. Fortunately, Drew knew exactly where they were sitting and I was able to find the ring within 3 minutes – right in between 4 other beach-goers and their towels! Another family reunited with a very sentimental possession! As always, it was a pleasure to help find a lost ring!





















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