Grelle Park, Recovery

  • from Austin (Texas, United States)

Found it!


This past week I received a call from Drew asking if I could help him to find his wife’s lost wedding band. After speaking a bit he said that it may be in a few feet of water as they had been swimming at the time, but it was several weeks ago and he believed the water may be lower (Texas summer and all). We also spoke about regulations of the park as he and I were both under the impression that there were certain restrictions regarding metal detecting. I called and emailed the park inquiring about the details as several parks in the Austin area do actually require you to apply for a permit with the requirement that you are searching for a lost item. Yesterday I heard back from the park and they let me know that they do have regulations and metal detecting is not allowed, however in this case they would allow me to search the area and I didn’t require any sort of permit. Luckily with this out of the way Drew, his family and I were able to meet out at the park. After a quick chat about how/when this happened I had a decent sized area to search with a pretty good guess of whereabouts the ring might be most of which was water free. After a good hour and a half of searching I still hadn’t found it, since the area was a pretty popular swimming hole I was fighting a good bit with the infamous “canslaw”. Luckily the ring was platinum so I knew that the sound was a bit different allowing me to dodge a good bit of the trash! Everyone had already finished swimming and made their way back up to the campsite for a break, that’s when I found it! Drew seemed to know right away, just as I found it he was already starting to stand up and make his way down to see. We were all so excited and happy to have found it!! After sharing a celebratory elbow bump, safety first, I headed out and let the happy family enjoy the rest of the day with a big weight lifted!

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  1. Drew says:

    Justin! Sorry for the delay in sharing this but wanted to thank you again for what you did for us. To be perfectly honest with anyone reading this, my calling Justin to come help was really a last ditched attempt to do everything possible to find it but we didn’t hold out much hope. The area to search was fairly large and it had been several weeks. I wanted some closure one way or another but when Justin hoisted his hand in the air I knew he’d found it! Can’t express the feeling we had after the emotional rollercoaster we’d been on. This is my wife’s engagement ring that I proposed with 18 years ago so it held massive sentimental value. For anyone out there in a similar situation please contact Justin and tell him what’s going on. He’s such a nice guy, good at what he does and really wants to help people find their missing valuables. Cheers

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