Man’s Gold Wedding Band Lost in the Ocean at Ocean Isle Beach NC, Found and Returned

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

This adventure started when I got a phone call from Alicia at 11:15 am, asking if I could help find her husband, Sam’s, wedding band. She told me that one of her girlfriend’s father had recommended The Ring Finders, sure am glad he did. I started getting the details and it sounded like a good challenge. She said that she and Sam got married yesterday and after a full day of fun, it was time to relax. Not sure how many were involved, but Alicia said a whole lot of people (wedding party and family members) decided to take a midnight (literally) swim in the ocean. I asked her how deep they were and she said “torso” deep, so anywhere from shoulders to naval, which if they’re short, it’s not too bad. Taking a quick look at the tide tables, they were swimming about an hour to an hour and a half before high tide, big help! Low tide for today was around 8:30 pm so I told her I’d be there close to 5 pm. I had nothing going on, so I took a ride up to do a recon on what I was up against. When I got there, Alicia came out and confirmed the area, and roughly, how far out they had been. I was thinking I’d be back at about mid tide and work the outgoing tide and should have a pretty good shot at finding the ring.

I got back there right around 5:30 pm, and got to meet some of the family around the pool, a great bunch of people! Made my way out to the beach, and decided to do a perpendicular grid search (shore line to water). I got about half way through my third grid line and got a banging signal on my Equinox 800 that was registering 22-24 on the VDI. I was about thigh deep and dug a scoop of sand, checked the hole and it was clear. Washed the sand out of the scoop in the surf, checked the scoop and nothing. Hmmm, maybe I had a small target that fell through the holes in the scoop. Checked the hole again then around the hole and got the signal again. Took another scoop of sand, checked the hole and the area around the hole and I had the target (again) in the scoop. I walked up to the wet sand and dumped the scoop, checked the pile of sand and found the target. Spread the sand out with my foot and saw the outline of a ring in the sand. Washed it off, confirmed the inscription that Alicia said was in it and knew I had it. I took a picture and text Alicia saying “Bingo!” She immediately text me back and said she was on her way back to the house. Total search time was between 20-30 minutes. Made it back to the pool that the family was still gathered around, had a cold beer with them and waited for Alicia. She was so excited, she just knew the ring was gone forever.

Most of the rental houses on the beach are named, this house was no different. Ironically the name on this house was “The Memory Maker,” I’m sure that Alicia and Sam will remember this adventure for a very long time.

Alicia, thank you so much for trusting me to find your lost treasure. Hope and pray for only the best for you and Sam, take care of each other.




10 Replies to “Man’s Gold Wedding Band Lost in the Ocean at Ocean Isle Beach NC, Found and Returned”

  1. Matt Fry says:

    Great job Jim. Another ring return for “The Book of Smiles”.

  2. Lianne Demarte says:

    As the mother of the bride, we all say thank you so much. Feels like this was a one in a billion find!!!

  3. Steve DeMarte says:

    Jim, my name is Steve. I am Alicia’s dad. What you did cannot be described by words alone. I can only say, sincerely, thank you. You made the day complete for both Alicia and Sam. Again, thank you.

  4. Nancy Chamberlin says:

    Great news! Just a note of recommendation—my husband had to size down his ring twice to keep it on his finger!

  5. Patsy says:

    Miracles do happen! This is the absolute proof! ❤️ Thank you for making sure our special couple had a happy ending to this story❣️

  6. Sandy Pappas says:

    Jim, you are so sweet and humble to credit finding the ring from a scientific perspective, but really without your expertise and dedication and “the love to make people happy”, Alicia and Sam wouldn’t still be in heaven right now, if not for you. Thank you so much for a happily ever after story.

  7. Alicia Lee says:

    Thank you Jim!! What a blessing we were referred to you. This will be a story we never forget.

  8. Vickie Lee says:

    Thank you Jim! I could not believe it when I saw you coming up the steps so soon. You saved the day and made their honeymoon more enjoyable. Will share a beer with you any day! Vickie (Sam’s mom).

  9. Jean Fuller says:

    Jim we had two miracles that day. I am the brides aunt and was terrified that we were about to be dumped on by horrific rain and thunder during the ceremony. We dodged that bullet And I truly believe it was “divine intervention”. Then I heard that Sam lost his ring in the ocean. I thought to myself that the odds are a gozillion to one of finding it. And then came you!! I am now a true believer in miracles…thanks so much for coming to the rescue! You gave my niece and nephew the greatest joy of all! Thanks Jim

  10. KAREN HURLEY says:

    Jim you were sent from above by Alicia’s grandfather. Angels work in strange ways and you will forever be one to Alicia & Sam. You made this Aunt smile along with many others, God Bless and keep up the good work!

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