Wedding and Engagement Ring Lost in the Surf - FOUND and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Matt at 7 this morning asking if I could help try and find his wife (Denise’s) wedding and engagement ring set she lost yesterday afternoon in waist deep water.

I got there about an hour later and Matt showed me the area and gave me a great description of where Denise was at when the ring came off. I started my grid and after 30 minutes I reevaluated where I was searching in comparison with the time and tide when she lost it. I moved up the beach, started a new grid and after another 30 minutes got a great signal. Bingo!!! Met Matt and Denise inside the hotel they were staying at because a heavy storm with lightening had come up and it wasn’t a good idea to be standing on the beach with metal in my hands.

Denise’s expression says it all and she stated “I thought I’d never see it again.” There is absolutely nothing better than finding someone’s special treasure that they thought was gone forever.

Matt and Denise thank you for trusting me to find your treasure and for the very generous reward. Enjoy the rest of your vacation with piece of mind.


Denise's Ring Denise Derrerm 5-3-16

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4 Replies to “Wedding and Engagement Ring Lost in the Surf – FOUND and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC”

  1. Matthew T. Fry says:

    Congrats Jim. Great job. I’m chasing one now. it eludes me. Congrats to Matt & Denise.

  2. jason Bontrager says:

    Nicely done jim- What a rock!!!… You will be king in SC by summer time. Maybe i’ll make it over there this year.

  3. jason Bontrager says:

    Nicely done Jim – What a rock!! Your’ll be king by summer time..

  4. Jim Wren says:

    Following text was received from Matt, (in part) “We are very grateful for what you’ve given back to us. Thanks again for saving our trip!”

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