SCUBA Ring Search for Travis's Gold Wedding Ring Lake Stevens, WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)

Back in September of this year Travis and Cora reached out TheRingFinders looking for an under water search specialist to recover their lost wedding band. After a full day on the lake Cora was passing the ring to her husband when it got fumbled and fell to bottom of the lake. It was fortunately in a shallow area in what seemed to be a very simple recovery. Travis dove down several times over a course of weeks then hired a diver from the local dive shop with no success. He then found me though TheRingFinders and my first free diving attempts with my detector wound up insufficient. As the months went on I would occasionally send a note to them that I had not forgotten their lost ring in the lake as I was in the process of getting the proper dive gear and training.

Now December with the holiday season upon us, I was now fully kitted and trained enabling me to make a return visit to the lake to compete the mission.  On the day of the recovery Cora and Travis were unaware that I was making another attempt. So we took the opportunity to surprise the family with an exciting ring recovery return…

Watch this video to see the exciting revel when we reunite the ring to its owners!


Jeff Morgan

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2 Replies to “SCUBA Ring Search for Travis’s Gold Wedding Ring Lake Stevens, WA”

  1. Sean Boddie says:

    Good on you getting your dive ticket and finding this ring. Theres a whole lot of fun in store for you now! Just wait till you do what you did in zero visability!!

    1. Jeff Morgan says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Sean. As you know its always an amazing adventure!
      Happy Hunting…


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