Found wedding ring in Mishawaka, Indiana

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

Today I met a young couple. Chris Turner called me at work last week and asked me if I could find a ring that a man had lost in the snow, I immediately jumped to the chance until he told me it was in Mishawaka, Indiana 100 miles south of my home. I told him I would contact the couple and see what the search would entail. I emailed the name that Chris had given me and it turned out to be a young woman named Monica, who had come from Venezuela a month ago to study English. In her email she said it would be easier to communicate with her through email than to talk to her on the phone because her English was not that good. Monica told me that after it had snowed last weekend her and her husband (Juan) had just returned to their apartment and feeling frisky in the new fallen snow, Juan made a snowball and threw it in Monicas direction. When he threw the snowball he flet his wedding ring come flying off. After searching for the ring, Monica went on line and found “theringfinders” website so she contacted Chris. I was the closest Ring Finder to them so he called me.

I told Monica I would travel the 100 miles to their apartment and find the ring. They agreed to pay my travel expenses. I arrived at their home and started my search. There was about 15 inches of snow plus some mounds from shoveling. I asked Juan to show me where he was standing and how he threw the snowball. I proceeded to search an area of about 20 by 50 feet. I set up a grid and after about an hour and a half and a break for hot chocolate, I got a beep on my Bounty Hunter Time Ranger and there it was. I presented it to Monica and Juan and they started smiling from ear to ear. I got a big hug from Monica and a big double hand shake from Juan.

Juan had purchased the 18K ring from Columbia and it contained a braid of pink gold and a braid of black gold with the band of yellow gold. He asked me if he could give me a reward besides the auto expense and I gladly accepted his offer. It is such a rewarding experience to find someones prized possession it is almost reward enough.