Lost ring at Gun Lake, Yankee Springs, Michigan

  • from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)

After church last week I received a call from a good friend who lost his ring while at Gun Lake in Yankee springs, Michigan. This was a combination of his deceased wife’s wedding ring and his wedding band. There was more sentimental value than actual value to him but I think it had to be valued at more than $5000.00.
After getting a layout of where he was that day, I searched the picnic area and beach to no avail. I asked him where he parked his car and what he did upon leaving the area. I retraced his steps and after about two hours of searching with my detector, there it was in the grass on the way to his car. It must have been pulled out of his pocket when he pulled out his car keys.
After some tears of joy were shed and a reward given, my friend went home a very happy man.