"It's in the hole"

  • from Orange (California, United States)

I received an email today from James, who had lost his Gold ring in his garden, and wanted to know if I could help find it. I replied “Sure, I will call you later this afternoon”, but didn’t hear back so I figured he was busy. I emailed again letting him know the phone# he gave din’t work, but still no reply during the day, so I figured I would just stop by his house after work, as it was 6 Minutes away!

I pulled up just seconds after he got home, and introduced myself, but I noticed a Gold ring on his hand and so I figured he had found it, but he said it was his spare! lol  He has several!

He showed me where he was repairing a PVC Drain pipe and water line, about a foot and a half down, and figured he lost it in the surrounding area, wood chips and bushes.

I got my AT-MAX with small coil and began scanning around the area, jacuzzi, bushes and then poked the coil down into the hole around the PVC pipe and got a signal. Not a clean 50’s but almost like a quarter signal on edge. I popped out my pinpointer and there was surely something metal in the mud a few inches down, and since it was clean dirt and PVC pipe, I had to dig it.

Sure enough, there it was, caked with dirt, but nice and shiny! Super nice guy and happy to have his “primary” ring back.

James was very happy that his wife had found me on TheRingFinders.com.