"Ease his Pain" Widower's ring returned.

  • from Orange (California, United States)

I got a call yesterday evening from Bill, who was at his wife’s grave site in the evening, and lost his wedding ring somewhere in the grass. She had passed just two months ago.
Bill enlisted some of the groundskeepers to help him search in the grass around the grave markers in the area and along the curb to see if they could find his Gold band, but as it got dark, no luck. He found me on the theringfinders.com and called for help. I made arrangements to meet him there on Saturday morning, and he and I pulled up at the same time. A groundskeeper drove up and told Bill he had searched again this morning, but no luck. Bill led me to her grave site, and showed me exactly where he was walking, where he washed his hands, and where he tripped in a hole. Very detailed in re-tracing his route, which I liked.
I powered up my new AT-MAX with 5×8 coil and got to work. A lot of brass, iron, pipes etc. in a grave site that you would not think about, so I turned the sensitivity way down since I knew it was a surface item. After 15 minutes, I had a hard 57 signal, and of course, it was the ring, about two plots away from his wife.
He was moved almost to tears saying “You don’t know how much this means” and said he thought it was lost forever and did not want to get another ring, because she had the “match to it”. I was also a bit moved by that comment, but was so happy I could help return it, ease his pain and anxiety about losing it, and to be a part of his story. My condolences to Bill and his family.



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  1. max says:

    Awesome job George, great skills.

  2. Great skills George, outstanding job.

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