Max Langeveld, Author at The Ring Finders

October Find

from Moreno Valley (California, United States)
Contact: 1-951-743-9078

Received a call for assistance from Riverside Treasure Hunting Club, Riverside CA, who was contacted by a local citizen in distress.

Thomas was cleaning the backyard and putting leaves and cuttings into the garbage cans, Thomas while putting the items in the cans thought he heard something metallic hit the concrete in front of him, but paid no further attention to it.

Fast forward several hours later and Thomas discovered that he was missing his long time gold wedding ring.

He undertook a search of the backyard to locate the ring, all in vain.

Thomas made a wise choice and solicited the help of a local Treasure Hunters Club in Riverside, who in turn has members who are willing to assist and also have members who are part of

I had the pleasure of getting the call routed to me, and was glad that I was able to help Thomas to reunite him with his wedding ring which was located in a relative short time span under some leaves in a brush area along the fence.

Happy owner , Happy Finder, all good :).

Another Wedding Ring FOUND!

from Moreno Valley (California, United States)
Contact: 1-951-743-9078

Received a call today from a distressed young man in Bloomington CA, he stated that during a quarrel he threw his spouse wedding ring approximately 10 ft, and the ring then bounced of the car door into 3-4 ” inch high grass.

A search was undertaken by the couple after the incident and the grass area in question 10×20′ who was  well traveled by both persons adding to the ring being buried into the soil when stepped on inadvertently .

The search was called off at night and resumed the next morning and met with negative results.

So approximately 20 hrs later I arrived at the scene and after careful planning and mapping potential locations(and there were many in this grass field) I prioritized the most likely targets and was successful after digging two locations to find the ring approximately 10 feet from where it impacted on the car buried into the soil.

Happy couple, Happy RingFinder.

Riverside County member of “The Ring Finders” recovers your lost items,ranging from Jewelry,Rings,Keys,Phones,Anything containing metal.

from Moreno Valley (California, United States)
Contact: 1-951-743-9078

I’m available most of the time, since I retired from public service.

Searching for lost items, in and around Riverside County, and or neighbor Counties (LA, SB, SD) is a hobby of mine and I have been successful in doing so.

Feel free to contact me if you have lost something, willing to go the distance to reunite you with your possesion.

Have several detectors, the skill to use them, but time is of essence, before somebody else finds it.

Please find my information on the “The Ring Finders” site or via email:,, cell 951-743-9078.

Look forward to your call or email.


Max Langeveld


Lost wedding band Covina…………….Found!

from Moreno Valley (California, United States)
Contact: 1-951-743-9078

Received a call today from a young man out of Covina, wanting to know if I was available for service.

Turns out that the young man lost his wedding ring after an anger outburst, at which time he took of his ring and used his strong arm to threw it across a 2 lane street, and it to a berm/field with Bermuda grass and Ivy and scrubs.

The young man set out to search for himself, wanting his ring back after all, but came up empty.

He consulted the internet and came across the TRF site and followed instructions from there.

Upon my arrival , I listened carefully to the details and possible projected route of the ring.

My estimation of the location proved to be right, and within 3 Minutes I was able to locate the ring and reunite it with it’s owner.

Happy faces, and gratitude galore, and very generous donation, were part of ending this afternoon.