Lost Lady's Gold Ring with Red Heart - Duck– Outer Banks, NC – Found

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I got a call from after 6 pm from Keith.  His daughter Emily had lost her gold ring when a sudden thunderstorm came up and they had to hurry off of the beach.  The ring had been in the cup holder with her phone but as they ran off of the beach…It was lost in the sand.

I asked the normal questions about if they knew approximately where they had lost it and if it was possibly in the water.  He was sure of where it was lost and it was not in the water.  However, it was low tide and if I waited, it could be in the water before morning.  I told him that I would come right out.

When I arrived Keith showed me where he thought they lost it and Emily showed me a picture of it.  I fired up the Equinox 800 and began sweeping.  I cover the entire area and then went from there to the beach access.  I found sinkers, hot wheel cars, bottle caps, but no ring.  I decided to start over.

When I did I got a hit…weak and deep.  As I dug the target two children approached me and asked what I was doing.  I explained that I was looking for a ring…just then, as I shook my extreme scoop…a tell-tale rattle.  The ring appeared and I showed it to the little girl.  She said, “can I have it?”  I said, I’m sorry, it belongs to the girl right over there…pointing to Emily.

Emily began shouting, “he found it!”  Overjoyed, she and her dad came over for pictures.  Another happy family.


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