Lost Men's Custom Gold Wedding Band - Southern Shores - Outer Banks, NC - Found

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I received a call from Fred who said he had lost his ring on the beach.  I asked him if he was in the water?  He replied maybe on the edge.  I asked if he know approximately where he lost it and he said that he had a good idea.

Fred was in Southern Shores, which is only about 2 miles away.  I told him that I would be there ASAP.  I arrived and Fred led me to the area on the beach where they had a cabana set up with several chairs.  He walked off an area about 20ft square that ended near the water.

I fired up the equinox 800 and did a few sweeps in the area that he thought was most likely.  On the third sweep the Minelab machine rang up a very solid signal.  I thought I had gotten too close to the cabana pole.   The target was relatively deep so I did not think it was the ring.

I was wrong.  Congratulations Fred and Paula!