Two months lost -- wedding ring now found!

  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

Got a call from a gentleman who asked for help in finding his wedding ring. Seemed simple enough. Playing volleyball in the back yard with his son, he felt the ring come off and heard it hit a solid surface with a ping. He and his wife scoured the back yard, the patio, and under the deck — no luck. They then bought an inexpensive metal detector to search more thoroughly — again, no luck. We made arrangements for me to come to the house and search…that’s when the wife mentioned that the ring had been missing for two months. They thought maybe a squirrel or other animal had made off with it because they’d been unable to locate it themselves. Two months missing won’t affect the ring itself, other than to allow it to settle a tiny bit further in the dirt. After about an hour of grid searching the back yard, I was able to locate the ring. As the couple had only been married a short time, the silicone temporary replacement ring they’d bought off Amazon was a poor substitute for the “original”. Very glad to be able to reunite the husband and his ring!

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