Wife looses Wedding Set at Party Cove on Lake Lewisville - Found!

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

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We received a call from a young man saying that his wife had lost her wedding set at a beach on Lake Lewisville.  The set was the wedding ring he had bought her and had been joined with her Grandmother’s prized wedding ring.

He said that they had been out on the lake near Dallas,Tx, and had anchored their family boat, along with many others.  They had been enjoying the day floating, swimming and B-B-Q’ing  on the beach and just enjoying the day.   His wife stepped into the water just above her knees to rinse her hands and began shaking them to get the water off.  At which point the rings flew off into the lake.   They searched for hours with no luck.

In a last ditch effort he had Googled “Lost Ring at Lake” and the Ring Finders website appeared.  He was very skeptical but called us anyway.  He explained the situation and told us he would have to take us to the location by boat since there was no road access to the “Party Cove” beach location.

We met him and his brother & uncle on Sunday after church at the Marina and they took us by  boat to the location where the ring was lost.  The best thing he had done was to mark the beach where his wife had entered the water to give us a basic stating point.  We immediately began using our Garrett ATPro Metal Detectors in the area adjacent to the beach.  My wife and I were only there about 10 minutes when she said to me, ‘I have a good 52-53 signal, let’s check it out’.  The lake bottom was full of mud and rocks so I used my heavy duty mud scoop and as soon as the basket came out of the water I saw the glitter of diamonds.   I looked at my wife and said “you got it”.  Our customer could not believe his eyes.  He was extremely excited however his uncle thought it was amazing as he did not believe we could actually recover the ring.  He is a believer now.

Beautiful day a the lake with great results for “The Ring Finders”

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Team Wilson strikes again! Nice recovery!

  2. john@volek says:

    Great story, and excellent team work..

    John Volek

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