Key Fob Lost In Standish, Maine Found Visually, While Searching With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Saturday morning , May 25th, 2024, I received the following voicemail
“Yeah, my name is Stephanie. I called you yesterday but I’m not sure that I actually got the right number because the number that comes up on my phone is a six. Six number. I’ve lost a Key fob in Standish, probably about a half an hour from Saco. I know it’s a holiday weekend, so maybe this isn’t possible but if you could Let me know if it’s a possibility for us to get together I’d appreciate it you can text me, at your convenience. My number is 2 0 7- ***-**** .
Thanks bye-bye…”

I was driving back from Portland, but immediately called Stephanie back. I told Stephanie that I did not receive her voicemail, from the previous day, but that I would certainly be able to help her. It was now approximately 9:30am and I told Stephanie I would be there at approximately 11:00am, just needing to get to my home, in Saco, Maine and pick up my Metal Detecting equipment and drive to Standish, a suburb of Portland, Maine and Windham, Maine.
I arrived at the location, where the Key Fob had been lost, at 11:20am. Stephanie and her husband Tom, arrived 5 minutes later. Stephanie explained that 4 days earlier she had driven to this location and parked next to the walking and ATV trail. Shen then proceeded to walk down the road, stopping at certain locations, on both sides, of the road, to view and smell the many flowers. When she finished her walk, she noticed the Key Fob was no longer, in her pocket. She retraced her steps, on both sides of the road, including down in the ditch, along rock walls, in areas she had traversed, to see the flowers. She could not find the key fob. She then walked 3 miles home and then back to the car, with the spare key fob. Over the next few days, Stephanie returned and searched the area again, this time, getting down into the ditch and searching through the many leaves and brush. Still not successful, Stephanie was telling a friend what had happened and the friend told her to contact me, The Ring Finders of Maine.

Stephanie and Tom took me a few steps up the road, to where Stephanie thought the key fob, may be. It was down, in the ditch and covered with leaves and twigs. As I was searching, I was finding the usual road side trash, of bottle caps, vape pens and cans, but no key fob. As I came out of the ditch, I was walking at the top of the ditch and searching along the path, Stephanie had walked, days earlier. Stephanie was visually searching near me and her husband, Tom was visually searching, about 75 feet ahead of us. I was still only finding road side trash, when we heard Tom yell out to Stephanie to come meet him, up ahead. I continued my search and saw Stephanie and Tom, walking back to me. When they reached me, they showed me the key fob. TOM HAD FOUND THE KEY FOB, while visually searching, about 75 feet, up the road. Nothing like dual optical scanners (Eyes 👀) to successfully find the key fob. Tom had left the road side and saw them, laying next to a rock wall, approximately 10-15 feet from the road. Outstanding job Tom and he was then rewarded with a big kiss.
Another team effort, in locating Stephanie’s key fob. It may not have been found by a Metal Detector but Stephanie doesn’t care. She has it back and didn’t need to replace her Key Fob , at a cost of $325.00. We all left, very happy. And great day and story for my “Book of Smiles”

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