1950 Class Ring Returned, Missing for 64 years.

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

I was conducting an underwater scuba search for a lost wedding ring. As usual, I will find many different items on my searches. I was approx. 25 feet deep in an area that was sandy, though under the thin layer of sand was a foot of muck. My detector made a strong sound, I knew it was either a coin or a ring by the tone. Digging in muck really clouds the water and makes it very difficult to recover items. I was trying to clear the area by waving clear water into my hole and I caught a glimpse of this large gold ring. It wasn’t what I was looking for, though it was a nice to see! I cleaned the ring up and got a closer look, it was 1950 St. Thomas Academy Jostens Class Ring. 18 Grams of 10K Gold. The next day I started my search online and it only took me about 5 Minutes to find the name that went with the initials sketched in the ring. I found out he was living in Fort Worth Texas and is now 82 years old. I contacted him and he was quite surprised to say the least. He couldn’t remember the exact lake he had lost the ring in, though he remembered losing it the summer he bought it in 1950.

The ring is now on it’s way to it’s rightful owner. Congrats and I’m glad I could help out in recovering your lost valuable.




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5 Replies to “1950 Class Ring Returned, Missing for 64 years.”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great recovery and way to go on finding the owner! Can’t wait to see his smile!

  2. Mark Rubey says:

    Nice find Darrin! That should be a nice human interest story for the evening news!

  3. john@volek says:

    Awesome story and recovery.


    The Ring Finders-Houston

  4. Aaron walczak says:

    Would you be interested in diving Minnetonka? I lost a sentimental necklace recently and know where it is… I just can’t get it. It would pay, pretty handsomely too.

    Thanks, Aaron

  5. Its good to return something the owner never expected to see again, particularly after a few decades, and to hear the story of how it got to where you found it. Nice job!

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