Metal Detector expert for hire in San Diego to find lost Jewelry

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)



The Ring Finders San Diego Metal Detector service is here to help you find your lost buried treasure. Call or text Curtis Cox @ 760 889 2751

This Precious diamond band was lost somewhere around the exterior home during moving hay bails. I was contacted & asked if I could urgently find it before they had to move from the rental house that was getting bulldozed & developed into Multi-housing units this year!

  Once there,, She explained to me the many possible areas it could have fallen while doing some work outside. After scanning my Metal detector in the front & Side grass sections along with a few pieces of buried trash,, My detector machine told me there was no gold signals in that range left so we moved on to the trash cans,,After emptying both onto a tarp we were able to scan & sift throughout to make sure it didn’t get thrown away that day. Only the short back yard areas mixed with grass,Cement & the hay bails were left to detect over. Like a process of illumination I ruled out 98% of the areas where this precious gold ring is NOT,,,But not until the very last hay bail we moved around,,,And both yelled out in excitement….There it is;)

This lost ring was recovered before the Tonka Trucks/Bulldozers hauled it away! Gotta love this rewarding Hobby,,,Thank goodness it’s NOT a job because those contain Bossholes!

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