Lost wedding ring found with a metal detector at Stearns Park beach in Ludington, Michigan

I received a call from a fellow Ringfinder Greg Larabel about a lost ring in Ludington, Mi. The closest Ringfinder Chuck Raison and himself had other commitments could I take this call. He gave me the phone number for Scott. I called Scott and got the story and set to meet Scott at the location today at 3:00 pm. Scott said he was throwing a football with his son in water about 5 feet deep with his son and saw his 14 k White gold ring go flying off. They searched the area with goggles and had no luck.  I met up with Scott at 3:00 pm got the story again and started the search. Scott walked me out to the area he was in. I had him place two of my snow plow markers as reference points. He mentioned that the wavers were larger yesterday than they were today. I explained to him that will raise the water in the spot he was in, so I might need to search closer to shore. The waves were big today also, I was on my tippy toes and jumping up so the waves did not go over my head. I started at the markers Scott set and worked close to shore. After about 40 minutes I got the only signal of the day and had Scott’s ring. I called Scott and his son over that I had a ring. Showed it to Scott and he verified it was his ring. He said he has no idea how I could find the ring in such a large area. The ring was about 15 feet closer to shore right in line with the marker Scott set.  He said to his wife last night the ring is gone forever and will never be found.  She said let me google it and found The Ring Finders. Scott has a very nice family, I enjoyed talking to him and his wife after finding the ring. Now they can get back to enjoying whats left of the family vacation.


3 Replies to “Lost wedding ring found with a metal detector at Stearns Park beach in Ludington, Michigan”

  1. Griff (member in France) says:

    great to see cooperation between members of TRF. Nice ring!

  2. What a great network we have that we can all work together for one goal “FIND THAT RING”. Good job Clare!

  3. Scott says:

    Thank you again for finding my wedding ring. I truly thought it was lost for good when it fell into Lake Michigan at 5ft in very rough conditions. The fact that you were able to travel to Ludington, from Traverse City, within 24 hours and find my ring was absolutely amazing. You knew the right questions to ask in order to locate the ring and were very professional. I never knew the network existed, but am now a believer in the RingFinders!! Thank you so much!

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