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Timing is everything when it comes to looking for lost rings in a public area, especially if you post it on the craigslist. I got a phone call yesterday evening from a young man who lost his wedding band of 19 years while taking his keys out of his vest pocket. After discussing the search over the phone he told me there were two places where he reached in to grab his keys, one place was when he was on the sand, the other place was on a concrete walkway.

This gives me a 50-50 chance of possibly finding the ring for the young man, the fact that he placed it on the craigslist with the location might make my chances even less.  After talking to Jason for a little while I knew the beach pretty well and headed out to take a look for his ring, he lived quite far from the beach so I told him if he was comfortable with me going to look for the ring without him, I’d go and give it a shot.

When I got there the sun was going down and the tide was coming in plus I didn’t pay for parking so hopefully I can find the ring quickly. When I got to the location I phoned Jason just to make sure I was understanding where he came out of the water with his kayak and reached into his pocket. I set up my camera to do the video, to my surprise it was the first target I hit within seconds I was holding his beautiful gold wedding band.










I was so happy that Jason’s ring was still there for me to find…

If you lost your ring please go to www.TheRingFinders.com Find a member nearest your location and hopefully we’ll see your smile on our book.

You can watch the video of this fast find below. I love my job! I love the smiles!!














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  1. Griff (member in France) says:

    Chris, the problem with posting this quick recovery….people might get the wrong idea and think this is the way it normally happens.. They may not see the ones that take hours, days , etc. WOW, this was the fastest recovery I have EVER seen. I guess that is why your are the expert!!!

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