Lost Ring Chilliwack, BC...Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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Some searches are just harder than others, especially when the person doesn’t know exactly where the ring came out of their pocket. The other thing that makes this search difficult is it was lost on a fairly large field, a soccer field… After talking to Marco and hearing his story about where his ring may have come out of his pocket, I knew I would have to search the whole field. I brought in the heavy guns, my wife Beverley, it sure helps to have an extra detector when searching such a large area like a soccer field. It comes down to a game of inches and after six hours the first day and no luck finding the ring, I knew I had to come back for round two.  I talked to Marco and asked him to look around his house and check his car as he didn’t realize the ring was missing till the next day, after he was playing at the field with his son.

Marco called and said he couldn’t find the ring anywhere so my wife and I came back to do our second search of the field. The first search was an east-west grid search of the area. On our second day on the field we did a north-south grid search, this time it only took two hours to find the ring! Beverley and I were so happy to be able to find this beautiful ring for this young man, we knew he’d be very very happy to see it again. Beverley and I both said it was one of the most beautiful rings we’ve ever recovered for someone.









I have the best job in the world, I get to make people smile! And in this day and age with all the bad news out there, it’s a good thing to smile.

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Watch the video of the recovery below…


2 Replies to “Lost Ring Chilliwack, BC…Found!”

  1. Griff (member in France) says:

    Great results! I could sense the deep agony of the ring owner in the first part of the video and the total relief in the second part. I think Beverly brought luck to your search. She deserves another shopping trip to Paris…hint,hint. I look forward to searching with you the next time you come to France.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    You’re right about Beverley she is good luck, the only thing is we can’t catch a flight any where now a days! I’ll always remember the night we were metal detecting at that beach and the fire broke out and almost surrounded us. We were so lucky to get out when we did, great times in the South of France! Hope you both are doing well and staying safe during this historical time in life.

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