Lost & Found Ring New Westminster, BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Snow eats rings, cellphones & keys…We don’t get much snow anymore here in Vancouver, but this year we can’t get rid of it…That being said the calls are coming in for help and today I had a search for lost keys in Mission BC & a search for a lost wedding band in New Westminster, BC.

The drive to Mission was over an hour and I searched the areas that the young man show me for an hour but no keys…After discussing the search areas he went back and found his keys in his garage. It happens a lot when we close off the area where people think they may have lost their item, when its not found it makes them look in other places they may not have looked before, this time it worked!

Just when I got back home I received another call from a young man who said he thought he may have lost his ring in the backyard where he was barbecuing the night before. We discussed the search and arranged for me to go there and meet his wife and look for the ring.

We met and I started the search and within minutes I found his white gold ring. I love my job and when I find what I’m looking for it makes me very happy!












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Video of search…