Metal Detecting Ladner BC for the... Missing Time Capsule

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The Mystery of the Missing Time Capsule Buried Dec.31st. 1999… Set to open in less then 3 weeks on the 10 year anniversary and the owner can’t find it…

Hi, I received a call a couple of days ago from a man who had an interesting story about a 10 year old time capsule that he buried in his back yard.

Dan explained to me that in 1999 his family and his wife’s family all got together and made a time capsule and buried it in his back yard.

10 years later all the family was getting back together for New Years and they were all excited about opening the time capsule.There was only one problem…Dan couldn’t find it.

Over the past 10 years much had changed in his backyard. The fence was moved back three feet and the gazebo where he had buried the time capsule was gone.

Using an outline of where the gazebo was as a reference to the area where he remembered burying the capsule, Dan started digging but had no luck. He was worried that if he couldn’t find it the family would be upset, so he was researching metal detectors online and found my service and called me in for the search.

We met and discussed the search and because he wasn’t sure that there was any metal in the bucket this made it difficult as all I was thinking that my detector could only find the handle, if it had one.

I grid searched by digging in the area that he thought it could be in, also in another area that we thought it could be as well, but know luck.

After we discussed a few thing and close to three hours and no time capsule he called his wife. This was a good

move as she remembered him digging behind the gazebo.

This put us in an area that Dan never thought it could be in, and we never searched…I received a signal after we took a bit of the topsoil down and it was just a tin can lid, then I saw a little hole near the lid where Dan had dug and there it was!

What a fun treasure hunt! I was as happy as Dan when we found it, the good new is that he said he would email me the pictures of what was inside after the family opens it on Dec.31

This was a similar search to the one that my friend from Australia Billy Sherman had.The only difference is his was a jar with $10,000! Nice going Billy! Read his story here…

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