Lost Engagement Ring at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Campsite...Found

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Liberty’s 14 Karat White Gold with Heart Shaped Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


I connected with a woman who was desperate to find her missing engagement ring while she was camping with her family near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. She and her family had their camper at a particular campsite located near the ocean shore.


The day the family was supposed to leave to go back to their home in Pennsylvania, the young lady named Liberty realized that she was missing her engagement ring. She began to panic and started searching everywhere in the camper and around the premises. Then, when they couldn’t find her engagement ring at the campsite, she and her husband looked along the pathway to the bathroom and shower house, as well as looking in the dumpster just in case she may have dropped the ring in the trash and then deposited that bag in the large dumpster out by the front of the camping property.


I can’t tell you how stressed out Liberty was and how much it just broke me within to hear how upset she was in losing her beloved engagement ring which meant so much to her. I can’t imagine how awful it must have felt to not find the ring during all of their searching, and then had to leave the site to return home in another state. Not only did they have to leave the campsite, and had to wonder if they were leaving Liberty’s ring behind, but they also felt like they weren’t getting much help from the gentleman who was going to take their campsite after they pulled their camper away. Liberty and her husband mentioned to him what they had lost and how important it was to retrieve this beautiful keepsake of Liberty’s. She described the man as someone who was disinterested and one who was not concerned in the least with helping them recover her lost valuable. The family would have to travel several hours back to their home in Pennsylvania and possibly leave her sentimental possession behind forever.


When Liberty and I finally spoke on the phone regarding the disappearance of her ring (which had been loose on her finger for some time), she concluded that it must have fallen somewhere along a path that was in the woods where she walked the morning before. Or maybe it actually was deposited in the trash by accident and when they checked the dumpster for their bags, maybe they overlooked the ring. Liberty also thought that maybe she lost the ring at the bathroom site but they checked that area out and there was no sign of her engagement ring. She was hoping that I could help her with this problem. I was delighted to. I was in the Maryland area about three hours away from where she was camping, but I was willing to drive through the night and check out the campsite areas in the morning.

Liberty’s Beautiful Heart-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring Found in the Camper

I got all of the facts that she had for me in order for me to begin putting the pieces together and hopefully locate the ring in the right spot where it was hiding. I also told her something very important for her to do. I shared with Liberty that it was quite possible that she did not leave the ring behind, back at the campsite near Beach, Delaware area, but that perhaps it was lost in the camper. She took a moment to process what I was saying and I could hear some silence on the other end of the phone because she just wasn’t on that page. When somebody goes through an experience like this, which really traumatizes the brain, one begins to narrow the focus on the possibility that the object is most likely in the areas where they think it was lost rather than looking outside the box. I was thinking that it may have still been in the camper. I have had many cases where the item was always there in the house, apartment, or hotel room when they thought something awful had happened outside of the premises.


I then shared with her that I would start traveling to the campsite in Delaware, but I requested that she go inside the camper and do another extensive search for the ring. I instructed her to turn all of the lights off and use a bright flashlight or headlamp while looking for the item. This would help to identify any objects that would reflect light off of the beam, including her missing ring. I gave her a list of places that I recommended her to check out. The places I suggested were spots that are common to where rings disappear, such as: in the corners of the rooms, inside shoes, under floor moldings, in spaces where the bed is up against the wall on the sides or at the head board, and check within the couches and stationary chairs that have cushions. If her kitchen in the camper had a garbage disposal I asked her to carefully check around the sink area and inside the garbage disposal canister. The most important place that I suggested for her to check was the master bedroom bed. I reminded her that it is also extremely possible that her ring had fallen off during the night before it disappeared and it could have ended up in the sheets, behind the bed or even under it. I think she told me that this scenario had never happened before in regards to the ring coming off while she was sleeping. But I told her that anything is possible for the first time!  Especially for a camper, everything is so congested and little things like rings can be camouflaged by all of the property surrounding it close to the floor.

Liberty and Her Two Children Who Helped Mom in the Ring Search


I was so happy that she was as receptive as she expressed. Liberty was in full agreement to go out and check these areas that I had mentioned. So, once we got off the phone I paid the check of my Chinese meal and began to drive towards the beach. Before we had gotten off the phone I asked Liberty to call me immediately if she found the ring and she happily agreed to let me know the good news, even though she wasn’t too sure that the jewel would turn up.

So, I drove for just about an hour, crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland over to the Eastern shore when I received a call from Liberty. I wondered if this was positive news! She was so excited! I will never forget the sound in her voice when she shared with such joy that she found the ring behind the bed in the camper! She thanked me profusely over and over again for guiding her back to the camper to search more carefully in places that she would not have considered looking! Her words couldn’t have made me happier upon receiving her victory call! Liberty had gone into the camper with the lights out and went in with a couple of her children. They searched all around looking for that beloved missing ring that she was so stressed out about. She really didn’t believe that it was in the camper because of her previous searches, but she did it because she wanted to listen to my advice and give it every chance in the world that perhaps she had never parted with the heart-shaped diamond to begin with when she left the campsite. I was so thrilled for her! I was beyond excited to hear that she found the ring in the camper! She felt bad that I had traveled all that way, approximately halfway to the beach, yet I explained to her that the important thing was that she found the ring and that we could call off the search over at the campground. Apparently, the ring had slipped off her finger in the middle of the night on the last night of their camping trip at the Rehoboth Beach camping park and it fell deep behind her bed. Liberty felt such relief and her family rejoiced in finding the missing keepsake!

Pride and Joy to Have Her Engagement Ring Back on Her Hand

I arrived at the next exit and turned off and headed back towards home with a smile on my face because Liberty had found what she had been looking for! Sometimes, the very thing that we think went missing somewhere outside of our house or domain where we are staying, actually never left our property to begin with. Always remember this when you look for that missing object. Search carefully around your own property because it may be just feet from you and you didn’t realize it the whole time. Our minds go in all kinds of directions and you must take control of those fearful thoughts because it is very possible that the special item that you are looking for never left the door.


Months later, following the recovery of Liberty’s beautiful engagement ring, she reflected on the whole stressful situation and said, “I sometimes check to see that the diamond has not fallen out, so it was a shock to see the entire ring gone!” Now that Liberty has the ring back, she never has to worry about the latter ever again!


Upon my request, Liberty reenacted the search in the camper and provided a video for everyone to watch so that it would help many other people who go through the same situation. I can’t thank her enough for taking the time to shoot the video to encourage many others out there who also lose their beloved rings and other possessions that they love so much and so desperately want to get the items back!


If you would like to watch the reenactment of this ring find, the YOUTUBE link will be provided shortly. To receive the notification letting you know when the video is uploaded to YOUTUBE, feel free to SUBSCRIBE to Brian’s YouTube Channel by typing: THE RING RETURNER.







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  1. Liberty says:

    Thank you so much for helping me find my ring!! It was so amazing to me that a stranger actually wanted to help me find my ring, and not scam me like other strangers had tried to do. I’m so glad that you were trustworthy and took a genuine interest in helping me. If you want to read this story from my perspective, you can read it on my blog here: https://www.b4andafters.com/lost-and-found-an-amazing-true-diamond-ring-story/ . Thank you so so very much!


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