Custom Diamond Engagement Ring Lost, fell off dock right after marriage proposal.. Recovered & Returned after 2 days of diving..Lost Ring Florida Ring Finder to the Rescue…

  • from Ponte Vedra Beach (Florida, United States)

I received a call last week from Mary who told me her son proposed to his now fiancée on their private dock in St. Augustine, FL. The bride to be lifted up her hand to show the ring to family when flew off her finger and fell between the dock decking and into the dark water 10’ below. My first attempt to find the ring was unsuccessful as the water had about 3-6” of visibility and a bone chilling 55 degrees. I searched for about an hour until the sound of my chattering teeth overwhelmed the sound of the metal detector. I returned 2 days later hoping for better visibility and warmer water but no such luck. This search was very challenging because not only was the visibility almost non existent but the sea bottom floor was covered in bed of oysters. On this dive I was fortunate to have my friend Sean from Hunting4History to assist me. We were equipped with 2 SeaGhost metal detectors, 2 Blu3 Nemo tankless diving systems, and underwater LED lights. After several hours, lodged in the oyster bedwe were able to recover and return this beautiful ring. .#LostRingSt.Augustine#Hunting4History#St.AugustineRingFinder#experiencedmetal detectorexpert#lostring#lostringflorida#metaldetectorrental#TheRingFinders



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