Richard Archer

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis. If the item is found you pay what my services were worth to you for the lost and found item. If the Item is not found there will be a $25 Call Out Fee. Over the 50 mile radius could increase the Call out Fee. This is to cover my expenses of fuel, batteries, etc. All searches are different. There may be additional cost factors. Insurance and Estate Searches are negotiated.

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, fields, woods, lakes. You must secure permission if the object is on private property. Federal Land is off limits and Historic districts that are only on private land and with owner’s position.

Search Locations

Pinson, Alabama, Northeast of Birmingham...100 mile radius call if out of this range and can discuss further.

Richard Archer's Bio

I have been in metal detecting for the past 3 years. I am part of a group that participates in civil war relic recoveries with permission. Enjoy saving history that would usually go unfound for no one to see. Work as a professional firefighter paramedic for the last 20 years. Currently work for two fire departments as an Apparatus Operator for a city in central Alabama and as an administrative chief for the fire district where I started my career. If you have lost something that is valuable and personal to you, call me and let me help you find it.

Richard Archer - Recent Blog Post


    LOST WEDDING RING RECOVERED IN VESTAVIA HILLS I received a voicemail from Heba about a lost wedding ring on December 5th, that her husband had lost in the front yard or flower bed on December 3rd. I called her back to see if they had been able to find it and she stated that they were […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring FOUND in Back Yard In Pleasant Grove, Alabama. (2022)

    On August 3rd I received a text about a lost ring,  Ashley seemed distressed about losing her ring on Monday, while she gaving her pups a bath in the yard next to the house, the rings slung off her hand into the thick grass. She had one pup in her arms and seemed to think she knew […]

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    On January 18, 2021, I received a text from Hallie Anderson asking if I could assist in searching for her husband Kyle’s ring. Kyle lost his ring on January 18 while feeding the geese at the lake behind his house with his daughter. As they were throwing bread to the geese Kyle’s ring slung off […]

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  • Late Father’s Ring FOUND And Returned To Son In Wilsonville Alabama (2020)

    I was contacted on Friday afternoon by Mary Stevens. Her father had lost his late father’s wedding ring the prior night at the family farm, and she asked me if I could help find it?  On Saturday morning I met Tom Stevens at the family farm.  He explained to me the importance and sentimental value of […]

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  • Lost Ring in Meadowbrook, North Shelby County, Alabama…Found! (2020)

    I received a call Thursday, May 21, 2020 while I was working at the fire station from Tony. He called to ask if I would be willing to come out and search for a ring that was very sentimental to him. Years ago Tony’s mother had a ring made for her husband (Tony’s father). His […]

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Richard Archer - Testimonials

  • I was so grateful and I definitely would recommend his services!!! I’ve been smiling all night. (2022)


    The last thing I needed was more bad news, it seems like our family had been hit with a string of bad luck for the past month.

    On Monday 8/1 while bathing my pups in my backyard I lost my wedding ring. I was devastated!! I searched for 3 days and even bought a metal detector! On day 3 after searching and failing, I decided to seek professional help.

    I am so glad I came across The RingFinders! Mr. Archer was very pleasant to work with, responded to my text for help in a timely manner, and came right out the same day. Within 15 mins he found my ring!!!

    I'm telling you I had put in at least 10 hours of searching on my own. I was so grateful and I definitely would recommend his services!!! I’ve been smiling all night.

  • It’s truly a miracle and a blessing from God. I can’t thank you enough... (2020)


    Thank you so much for finding the ring for my husband! I can’t even describe how devastated he was about losing it. He is very sentimental and this ring meant everything to him! I honestly feel as though you turned my husband’s depression into pure joy! It’s truly a miracle and a blessing from God. I can’t thank you enough.

    Sincerely, Stacy Stevens

  • Richard is polite, professional, and a really nice person... (2020)


    "The return of a father's gift is a precious event. Memories fade but the gift reminds. Richard is polite, professional, and a really nice person. An eight-month journey ended with a smile. I will be eternally grateful for his help in returning my memories to me."

  • I highly recommend Mr Archer, (2019)


    Mr. Richard Archer came out to my horse Pasture in search for my wife’s wedding ring. I myself looked for 7 hours by myself but with no luck. I highly recommend Mr Archer, he is a great guy and very educated in what he does. He was able and willing to answer any and all my questions I had about what he was doing to find my wife’s ring. He is very friendly and a great guy to be around. I’m very pleased that he could find the missing ring. He found the ring in a little over an hour of searching. Thank you Richard!

  • I would HIGHLY recommend Richard to anyone! He is hands down the best! (2018)


    Richard is absolutely awesome! My husband Tarrence and I cannot be more thankful for his help in finding his wedding band. His service is quick and very professional. I reached out to him and the next day he was able to come out and locate the ring. He is such a kind hearted person and we are so blessed to have met him. We are so grateful that God lead us to this great man! I would HIGHLY recommend Richard to anyone! He is hands down the best!