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I received a voicemail from Heba about a lost wedding ring on December 5th, that her husband had lost in the front yard or flower bed on December 3rd. I called her back to see if they had been able to find it and she stated that they were still looking for it. She stated that they had tried to find the ring and went as far as buying a metal detector. She said that all they were able to find were nails and other bits of metal. We were expierencing rainy conditions and we agreeded that December 6th would be the earliest that would work for both of us to meet up. December 6th came and I was on my way over to the residence, it was later in the day due to a doctors appointment so I called a coworker of mine from the fire station that I  helped get in to detecting and asked to see if he could help me. With it getting darker earlier in the afternoon and time approaching 3 PM, I though some help would be warranted. I arrived at the residence and met with Heba, she went on the explain that her husband went as far to rake the flower bed closest to the porch. He told her that he thought he saw it bounce off the column and felt like it was the right area. After raking the area he retrieved a blower to assist in looking for the ring. After several hours and a few days they gave up, went to the internet and that’s when they stumbled on The Ring Finders web site. They searched for a local ring finder and made the call.

I started my search off in the flower bed working my way down the front porch. Back and forth, side to side hitting a lot of signals but not the right ones. The flower bed gave up some more nails and other bits of metal. After about 20 minutes my co worker Alan arrived and explained the information and area that Heba told me where they thought it might be. Alan was swinging the Equinox 800 and I was swinging  the Deus 2, we made several passes along the flower bed and expanded the search out into the front yard due to the blower being used and the raking of the mulch from the flower beds in the days before. After about an hour, we spoke to Heba to see if there was anything else that she could add to aid our search. She called her husband to asked a few questions. She stated that he doesn’t really know and he stated that he was throwing it up in the air. I asked if it could have got high enough to make it to the rain gutters, Heba said she didn’t know. Alan stepped back and said what is that, we retrieved a roof ladder and laddered the residence. There was the ring sitting on the roof shingles about 4 feet from the edge of the gutters. As the evening light was starting to fade we retrieve the ring from the roof and gave it to Heba to return to her husband. She was very relieved that the ring was able to be found. Like always it is a great feeling to be able to return a lost ring to someone and see the big smiles and learn what it means to the people who lost it.



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