Lost Ring in Meadowbrook, North Shelby County, Alabama...Found!

  • from Pinson (Alabama, United States)

I received a call Thursday, May 21, 2020 while I was working at the fire station from Tony. He called to ask if I would be willing to come out and search for a ring that was very sentimental to him. Years ago Tony’s mother had a ring made for her husband (Tony’s father). His father, as a present when he graduated high school 41 years ago, gave the ring to Tony.  Tony went on to describe how he lost the ring that his father gave him.  About late September to early October 2019, he was working out in the yard spreading pine straw. During the process something seemed a miss, looking down at his hand he noticed that the ring his father gave him many years ago was gone off his finger. He retraced his steps to see if he could find it lying on the ground. During the next few months Tony had enlisted help from friends and family member combing the yard for the lost ring. Removing the pine straw, placing it back, working on their hands and knees to no avail the ring was still missing. In February Tony searched the Internet to see if there was such a service that could help and he stumbled across The Ring Finder’s. His daughter stated before they go that route that she would get a detector from Wal-Mart and see if she could find it. After the purchase they used the detector to see if they could find it, again the ring eluded them in the quest of its recovery. A few more months pass by with Tony still thinking of the ring in the yard, “It has to be there he thought”.

Tony looked up The Ring Finders again on the Internet and called. Fast forward to today Friday 22 May 2020. I agreed and met Tony and his wife, I introduced myself and Tony showed me the areas 8 months ago where he was working in in the front yard when the ring was lost.  I looked over the area and went to retrieve my detector. As I was getting the detector ready, Tony was asking a few questions about how it worked and differences in the one his daughter bought and mine.  I was explaining the display as the detector picked up the first target. The display ID was right for a gold ring so I looked down and brushed away the pine straw. I moved the dirt back and not even an inch down there was the perfect outline of a ring that had been stepped on in the dirt. I was surprised as I picked up the ring and my response was “Tony, I think I have your ring.” Tony was in disbelief as well as his wife that I was able to find it within 5 minutes of getting started. Both were very happy to have the ring back in their possession. After finding the ring it was refreshing the conversation between Tony, his wife and myself, it is crazy how fast an hour can pass with good conservation. Like always it is a great feeling to be able to return a lost ring to someone and see the big smiles and learn what it means to the people who lost it.

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