Richard Archer, Author at The Ring Finders

Lost Wedding Ring FOUND in Back Yard In Pleasant Grove, Alabama.

  • from Pinson (Alabama, United States)

On August 3rd I received a text about a lost ring,  Ashley seemed distressed about losing her ring on Monday, while she gaving her pups a bath in the yard next to the house, the rings slung off her hand into the thick grass. She had one pup in her arms and seemed to think she knew where they went and the area they may have landed. She got down on hands and knees that first night looking for the wedding ring and bands that fell from her hand. Over the course of the next two days she went and bought a metal detector and tried her luck at finding the ring to no avail. She then searched the internet for help. She stumbled upon the Ring Finders site and was amazed that there was such a group.

 I returned the text and began asking about the ring and where she lost it. I called to get the address and let her know that I would be on my way. After about an hour drive I arrived, spoke to Ashley and she showed me the area where she believed the ring fell. There was a catch, the yard guy had just mowed the area and Ashley was depressed that she may never see her rings again. After listening to her about the rings and area, I retrieved my XP Deus 2 from my Jeep. I started my search near the area that she marked, after a swing or two, the deus 2 made the sound I was looking for. The grass was difficult to manage with the clippings still covering the ground. I used my pinpointer to narrow down the signal and found both the band and the wedding ring. I looked at Ashley and said to her “found them”, she looked amazed that I could find them so quickly. I told her that it helped that she knew about the area where the rings fell. She was all smiles after that and was a very happy person, Like always, it is a great feeling to be able to return a lost ring to someone, see their big smiles and learn what it means to the people who lost it.



  • from Pinson (Alabama, United States)

On January 18, 2021, I received a text from Hallie Anderson asking if I could assist in searching for her husband Kyle’s ring. Kyle lost his ring on January 18 while feeding the geese at the lake behind his house with his daughter. As they were throwing bread to the geese Kyle’s ring slung off his hand and fell to the water below. He was in disbelief at what he had just witnessed as his ring  plummeted to the shallow depths close to shore. That’s what led to the search for someone who could help, as Hallie searched she came across The RingFinders web site. When I got the text due to my schedule as a firefighter, I told Hallie I could come out on January 20. When I arrived it was later in the afternoon and the temps were in the lower 50’s, we had freezing temperature in the week before and I knew the water would be cold. I got into my waders and tried to brave the cold water to see if  see if I could find the ring quickly. After about forty-five minutes to an hour I had to come out of the water due to the bone chilling cold. I asked if I could come back and look again because the temps were going to get higher in the coming days. A few days pasted  and the temps got warm. As anybody knows Alabama has two different severe weather seasons and this was one of them. The events of January 25 delayed me getting back to the search as a devastating tornado hit  an area  close to where I live. I spent time the night of the storm assisting the ravaged community, helping with  the search  for survivors. After the storm the temps bottomed out with highs in the upper 30’s and lower 40’s for the next week and a half. Finally I was able make it back to Hoover to look for the elusive ring in the murky water almost 3 weeks after Kyle lost his ring. I arrived at the Anderson’s on February 12 and came better prepared for my time in the water. After speaking to Kyle and Hallie I gathered my detector and changed my coil and stepped back into my waders. The water was not as bad as it seemed because the temperature had risen into the upper 60’s  and there a full bight sunny sky overhead. After searching about 10 minutes I heard and tone in my headphones and saw the target I.D. I was looking for. I dipped my scoop in the waist high water and up came a bight shinny gold ring. Like always it is a great feeling to be able to return a lost ring to someone and see the big smiles and learn what it means to the people who lost it.



Late Father’s Ring FOUND And Returned To Son In Wilsonville Alabama

  • from Pinson (Alabama, United States)

I was contacted on Friday afternoon by Mary Stevens. Her father had lost his late father’s wedding ring the prior night at the family farm, and she asked me if I could help find it? 

On Saturday morning I met Tom Stevens at the family farm.  He explained to me the importance and sentimental value of the ring given to him by his brother after his father’s passing, just 1 week prior.  Tom showed me two areas he had been prior to realizing he had lost the ring.  First, was a section of land near the farmhouse that included a gravel road and 2 grassy areas.  Second, was a 10 acre hay field he had bush hoged. 

I searched the first area near the farmhouse, but unfortunately without success.  Prior to going to the second area, Tom kindly got us lunch, and stated, “Searching the 10 acres will be like hunting for a needle in a hay stack.”  When we arrived at the hayfield, Tom recalled that he had taken a photo with his iPhone while standing in the hayfield –the one and only time he exited the tractor.  I reviewed the photo’s GPS details, used the lights from houses on the horizon in the image to align my direction, and was able to determine an area to hunt within the middle of the field.  So, I began swinging my detector.  Five minutes turned into ten, and ten into fifteen.  Then my detector made the tone and ID I so hoped to hear & see!  I kneeled down to pinpoint the signal nestled within the fresh-cut hay.  And there, I uncovered the golden ring of Tom’s late father.  I yelled, “I found it!”  Needless to say there were happy tears shed and calls made to loved ones that Tom had been reunited with his father’s ring. 

I appreciate the times I have been able to reunite people with their lost treasures, and I look forward to many more success stories.  If you lose something dear to you, give me a call


Lost Ring in Meadowbrook, North Shelby County, Alabama…Found!

  • from Pinson (Alabama, United States)

I received a call Thursday, May 21, 2020 while I was working at the fire station from Tony. He called to ask if I would be willing to come out and search for a ring that was very sentimental to him. Years ago Tony’s mother had a ring made for her husband (Tony’s father). His father, as a present when he graduated high school 41 years ago, gave the ring to Tony.  Tony went on to describe how he lost the ring that his father gave him.  About late September to early October 2019, he was working out in the yard spreading pine straw. During the process something seemed a miss, looking down at his hand he noticed that the ring his father gave him many years ago was gone off his finger. He retraced his steps to see if he could find it lying on the ground. During the next few months Tony had enlisted help from friends and family member combing the yard for the lost ring. Removing the pine straw, placing it back, working on their hands and knees to no avail the ring was still missing. In February Tony searched the Internet to see if there was such a service that could help and he stumbled across The Ring Finder’s. His daughter stated before they go that route that she would get a detector from Wal-Mart and see if she could find it. After the purchase they used the detector to see if they could find it, again the ring eluded them in the quest of its recovery. A few more months pass by with Tony still thinking of the ring in the yard, “It has to be there he thought”.

Tony looked up The Ring Finders again on the Internet and called. Fast forward to today Friday 22 May 2020. I agreed and met Tony and his wife, I introduced myself and Tony showed me the areas 8 months ago where he was working in in the front yard when the ring was lost.  I looked over the area and went to retrieve my detector. As I was getting the detector ready, Tony was asking a few questions about how it worked and differences in the one his daughter bought and mine.  I was explaining the display as the detector picked up the first target. The display ID was right for a gold ring so I looked down and brushed away the pine straw. I moved the dirt back and not even an inch down there was the perfect outline of a ring that had been stepped on in the dirt. I was surprised as I picked up the ring and my response was “Tony, I think I have your ring.” Tony was in disbelief as well as his wife that I was able to find it within 5 minutes of getting started. Both were very happy to have the ring back in their possession. After finding the ring it was refreshing the conversation between Tony, his wife and myself, it is crazy how fast an hour can pass with good conservation. Like always it is a great feeling to be able to return a lost ring to someone and see the big smiles and learn what it means to the people who lost it.

Lost Wedding Ring Found In The Backyard After 3 Weeks in Hoover, Alabama.

  • from Pinson (Alabama, United States)

I received a call from Caleb Dick on May 11, 2020 to see if I could come out to search his backyard for his wife’s lost antique wedding ring. Caleb explained that his wife Ashten lost it about 3 weeks ago, he didn’t know who to turn to, so he rented a detector and tried for hours to find the ring. He said not knowing how to use it, what to listen for, he knew there had to be a better and easier way to find the ring.  So he searched the Internet and stumbled on the ring finders website and called.  I was at the fire station and asked if the afternoon of May 12th would be ok to come out and search. He said that would be ok and I got the address and explained the services I provide. He pointed out the importance of Ashten’s wedding ring how it was passed down to her from her late grandmother. They were very close and Caleb said that Ashten had been worried about the ring since she lost it throwing a toy to the family dog off the deck into the backyard.


The backyard is steep and treacherous with unstable footing; the hill is between 30 to 40 degrees on a down hill angle. Very difficult to detect and I had to come up with a game plan. During the search I had to move some bushes and tall weeds along with a few briar bushes. The ground was just as described, steep; a lot of weeds and of course some Poison Ivey. After searching with my AT Pro for almost an hour and a half and finding nothing but iron signals (nails) and aluminum, I decided it was time for a change. I changed my coil from the NEL coil to the smaller Sniper Coil for the At Pro. After a water break and changing of the coils I was back at it. Within about 5 minutes I was able to find the ring after swinging over an area that had so many signals earlier it would drive you crazy. There it was covered in dirt but still had a bright shine to it in the fading sun light. I picked up the ring and gathered my detector and pin pointer and headed up to see Ashten. I knocked on the door, when she opened the door I held up the ring and Ashten had the biggest smile on her face and was very happy. It is always a great feeling to be able to return a lost ring to someone and to see the big smiles and learning what it means to the people who lost it.

Found lost wedding band in a pasture in Springville, Al.

  • from Pinson (Alabama, United States)

Got a call from David, about a lost wedding band that had found it’s way into a pasture. I was working at the fire station that day and could not make it out there but set up a time 2 days later to see what we could come up with. In Davids words…. “My wife gave me her rings to hold on to while she road her horse, we were about to leave and I was gonna ride our other horse bare back out of the barn and into the pasture. As  I got to the pasture I remembered that one of or other horses lost a shoe, so I road around looking for it. As I got to the back 40 there was no sight of the lost shoe, so I ran her all the way back to the front of the pasture and I completely forgot I had my wife’s rings in my chest pocket! Reaching down in my pocket I noticed that the wedding band was gone. So I marked the area where I had ran my horse from with landscaping flags hoping that would help define the area we it could possibly be. I went and bought a cheap detector and tried to find it first myself, after several hours into searching I had not been able to comeup with anything. Then my wife stumbled on the ring finders website and we found Richard listed on there and he was close by. Thanks to Mr. Archer we found the lost ring

Returned….Lost Wedding Ring found in Vestavia Hills,, Alabama.

  • from Pinson (Alabama, United States)

I was contacted March 8 2019 by Karen. She came in from out of town on family business and had the unfortunate event of losing her college ring and her late fathers wedding ring wile in town helping her brother. I asked her a few questions about the rings and she gave me a generalized area of where they might have fallen off. I was able to make it out there on March 10, spoke with Karen and her brother Tom. She showed me the places where the rings could have fallen off while she was working in the yard. The area was from covered leaves and vines to waist high bushes in many different spots. Also she showed me the areas in and around a few flower beds where they could have fallen off, so I thanked her for the information and began my hunt for the rings. After about 3 hours I  had searched all the areas with no luck of finding the rings. I spoke with Karen again and she wasn’t sure if the rings even made the trip, but something in her head told her that she had them on while working outside in the yard. She thanked me and I was on my way. She was leaving to go back home to  the Washington D.C. area the next morning.

I received a text from Karen on the evening of March 17 that her bother happen upon her college ring in part of the yard that I didn’t search because she wasn’t sure about that area. She asked if I could come back by and research the area where her bother found her college ring, she said that her brother marked the area around where he found the ring.  I was able to make it out to the location and search for the ring again on March 19 and met with her brother. Tom showed me the area where the college ring was found.  I retrieved my detectors and began to search, within about 3 minutes I was able to located her late father’s ring about 3 feet from where her college ring was recovered by her brother. I went to the door after recovering the ring to ask Tom if this was the ring that Karen had lost. Tom
had the biggest smile on his face and said “Yes”. Gave me a firm hand shake and said “You just made Karen’s day.” It is always a great feeling to be able to return a lost ring and see the big smiles and what it means to the people who lost it.

Lost Gold Wedding Band Found in Riverchase area of Hoover, Alabama!

  • from Pinson (Alabama, United States)

I received a call from Taylor Schach over the weekend while at the beach for spring break. Spoke with him for about 15 minutes about his wedding band that he lost while doing some yard work to fix the excavations from a few chipmunks. He explained he was working in the yard and believed that he knew the area where he lost it. He stated that he went and rented a metal detector and tried to find it himself. After a bit of searching and no help from the people who he rented the detector from as how to operate it, he only managed to come up with a few clad coins in the yard. He searched the internet and came upon the ring finders site and saw I was in the area and called. I explained that I would be returning home on Sunday and maybe we can meet late Sunday or Monday after I got off work. We settled for Monday because I would be turning late Sunday from the beach.

I made it over to Taylor’s residence and he showed me the areas where he was working and filling in the chipmunks holes and tunnels. He also said that it could have come off in the driveway while playing basketball also and believed that if it did it would be located in the bushes next to the driveway. After planning out how I wanted to do my search, I pulled out the pinpointer and started to check each hole that he filled up with dirt, there was about a total of 10 or so holes that need to be checked. After about 5 minutes I started to get a signal with my pinpointer in a hole that had a tunnel in it that went off at an angle that he had filled in. After scooping it out twice I started to get a signal, after scooping out another five or six times the signal was not in the hole anymore. I turned my pinpointer to the area I was piling up the dirt and there was the signal again. Moving the dirt with the edge of the pinpointer the gold wedding band shined in the sunlight. Taylor was surprised that I found it that fast. He was very happy that I was able to recover his wedding band for him. It was down about 8 inches, down in the chipmunk tunnel. It never gets old to see the expressions on their faces when you tell them you found it and you are able to return their lost possessions to the them.

Lost Tungsten wedding band in Trussville, Alabama found!

  • from Pinson (Alabama, United States)

I was contacted by Dorian Barrett about her husband Tarrence losing his Tungsten wedding band while working out in the yard. Mrs. Barrett called and advised that her husband had lost his wedding band while working out in the yard this past weekend. She said that they searched the area and could not find it, she knew the area about were it could be.  After searching various outlets she came across the web site.

When she called, I was at the fire station but we decided on when the best time when her and her husband could be there. This morning one 3/7/2018 I met her husband Tarrence at there residence and he began telling me about the morning that he lost it. He showed me the area when he felt it come off, he believed that it went into a flower bed that was covered in leave and small branches. After getting a visual of the area I came up with a plan to start in the yard were he felt it fly off his finger and work toward the flower bed. A quick search of the grassy area produced only deep tones several inches deep but those targets were to deep to be the ring .  After about 10 minutes of searching the flower bed with my small hand held pinpointer I found the Tungsten band sitting on edge under about 3 inches of leaves beside the stalk of a flowing bush.

Both Dorian and Tarrence were happy that I was able to recover the ring for them. It is always a good feeling to return something lost and seeing the look on their face when you hand it over to them. It was a good morning.