Late Father's Ring FOUND And Returned To Son In Wilsonville Alabama

  • from Pinson (Alabama, United States)

I was contacted on Friday afternoon by Mary Stevens. Her father had lost his late father’s wedding ring the prior night at the family farm, and she asked me if I could help find it? 

On Saturday morning I met Tom Stevens at the family farm.  He explained to me the importance and sentimental value of the ring given to him by his brother after his father’s passing, just 1 week prior.  Tom showed me two areas he had been prior to realizing he had lost the ring.  First, was a section of land near the farmhouse that included a gravel road and 2 grassy areas.  Second, was a 10 acre hay field he had bush hoged. 

I searched the first area near the farmhouse, but unfortunately without success.  Prior to going to the second area, Tom kindly got us lunch, and stated, “Searching the 10 acres will be like hunting for a needle in a hay stack.”  When we arrived at the hayfield, Tom recalled that he had taken a photo with his iPhone while standing in the hayfield –the one and only time he exited the tractor.  I reviewed the photo’s GPS details, used the lights from houses on the horizon in the image to align my direction, and was able to determine an area to hunt within the middle of the field.  So, I began swinging my detector.  Five minutes turned into ten, and ten into fifteen.  Then my detector made the tone and ID I so hoped to hear & see!  I kneeled down to pinpoint the signal nestled within the fresh-cut hay.  And there, I uncovered the golden ring of Tom’s late father.  I yelled, “I found it!”  Needless to say there were happy tears shed and calls made to loved ones that Tom had been reunited with his father’s ring. 

I appreciate the times I have been able to reunite people with their lost treasures, and I look forward to many more success stories.  If you lose something dear to you, give me a call


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  1. Thank you so much for finding the ring for my husband! I can’t even describe how devastated he was about losing it. He is very sentimental and this ring meant everything to him! I honestly feel as though you turned my husband’s depression into pure joy! It’s truly a miracle and a blessing from God. I can’t thank you enough.
    Sincerely, Stacy Stevens

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