Gold Wedding Ring found and returned

Todd lost his gold wedding ring in the heavy surf in Puerto Rico. The week after he returned home to Wisconsin, his wife located and contacted me.

I received the text from Todd with some information about the lost ring and would I be willing to look for it. I love a challenge, and believe me, this was indeed a very challenging search!

The ring was lost a week prior in the water. Todd and his son looked for it to no avail. But, they were pretty clear as to where they lost the ring and sent me a picture showing the general area in the water.

The next day I drove to Rio Grande armed with my picture and my trusty Equinox 800 and Xtreme scoop. One look at the rough waves and I got second thoughts. This really looks like an impossible search!! But soon I was in the water searching battling the waves. And within about 10 minutes of searching my very second signal was the ring!

So happy to have helped Todd get his ring back.

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