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Art-carved 14k wedding band recovered from Two Rivers beach

  • from Green Bay (Wisconsin, United States)

Art-carved beauty!

On Sunday, September 28, 2019, I received a call from a young couple who had lost a valuable ring at the bottom of a stairway leading to the beach in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.    Normally, the stairway ended in sand, but Lake Michigan levels had recently risen to historic highs, so the bottom steps were algae-covered and slippery.    The bride slipped and her hand flew up, sending both a diamond engagement ring and her wedding band into the lake.   Luckily, the waves were low and her husband saw the engagement ring and quickly retrieved it.   But, this was the day before, and they finished their trip to Milwaukee and then doubled back the next day and contacted me.   Meanwhile, the waves had started up and were from 12-18 inches high.      Using my Minelab 800, then my AT Pro, I found a few signals, but rocks forced me to feel around with my fingers while waves periodically splashed into my waders.   I persevered, wet and shivering, and felt the ring just as it turned pitch dark.     It was beautiful!   Spontaneous hugs all around!     They didn’t want their picture taken, but did allow one of the ring.   I can see why they were so happy to get it back.  Truly a piece of art!