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Lost Gold Coin at Rock Ridge High School Soccer Field, West Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I just got back in town and I received a call from a young man that told me he lost his gold coin at a school soccer field. He said he was play football with friends and noticed his 1945 Mexican gold coin was missing from it’s setting.  He was absolutely devastated, I could hear it in his voice. I on the other hand was excited to have the chance to search for a gold coin, it’s not everyday you get call like this and I remember a couple of years ago I was called out to a baseball field to find a $5.00 US gold coin. (Found it)

I found out after asking that the gold coin was the young man’s fathers and he bugged him for years to get it from him as he just loved it…On his 16th birthday his father gave it to him and he wore it ever since. This makes the search very important as I know how much it means to the young man that I find it. (Pressure)

We decided to meet at the school the next day early in the morning and thankfully the school was out on strike so no kids. We met and discussed the search area, it was a big search area but he remembered getting hit in the chest by the football in a specific area and he marked that with one of my cones that I use for the grid.

He had to go to work, he wished me luck on the search and drove away. My first thought was to search the spot that he got hit with the ball. After 20 minutes I got a good signal not far from the spot he got hit by the ball, I looked down and saw the gold coin in the long grass.










I thought it was going be a long search and I was ready for it…What a great feeling to find it so quickly!









He was so happy and relieved that he had his coin back…He said that he was going to make a good setting for the coin so this won’t happen again.


I love my job! If you need help finding your lost jewelry call me ASAP

Watch the video of the search below…