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San Diego Metal Detectorists finds lost gold wedding band ring in Oceanside Ca. Call 760 889 2751

11-30-2020.  Today I received a voicemail from John asking if I’m available to help find a wedding ring that was lost in the dry sand at Oceanside harbor. John mentioned seeing it fly off his finger and disappear into the sand. Though He and his wife Paula searched with their fingers for some time to no avail,, She was able to find my contact info on Theringfinders website.

Fortunately for them and others I’ve helped…I live nearby Oceanside harbor and promptly arrived in nearly 20 min of receiving this call.

Upon meeting the nice couple at the beach with my metal detector equipment, I was shocked the sun was setting so quickly due to daylight savings, Time was of the essence now so I turned on the old trusty P.I detector before it got dark then began scanning,,Beep,,Beeep,,,Shortly after I heard a familiar gold ring beep and there was Johns wedding band back on his hand again!

  This lost ring call is definition of a sentimental  Gold ring like almost all my calls have been since 2014 after joining TheRingfinders.  Onwards I asked them how long they’ve been married and John said 25yrs.. Then his wife Paula mentioned she was going to sleep on the beach area right there all nightlong if they couldn’t of found it!   This here, Them thar,,, Is what I call…. “Real treasure.” That has been Returned! 

Who ya gonna Call?  Curtis Cox 760 889 2751

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