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Lost diamond ring in Emigration Canyon: Found

Molly had been engaged for exactly one week when she lost her beautiful 1.5 carat diamond solitaire platinum engagement ring while sledding in Emigration Canyon, above Salt Lake City. She hit a bump, broke her sled, and then lost her glove while sliding through the snow. When she reached the bottom of the hill, her precious ring was gone. Of course, she was devastated. She and her family searched for the ring, but couldn’t find it. After a sleepless night, she found TheRingFinders.com, and called me. She had to fly home the next day, but I was able to meet with her brother, who showed me where they thought the ring was lost. After about an hour of searching, we found the ring about 4 inches down in the packed snow. The family was so excited and relieved to have the beautiful diamond ring back.