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Lost wedding ring in Westford Massachusetts. Found!

  • from Bremerton (Washington, United States)

It never fails. My daughter and I had just got back from a 20 mile drive when my phone rang. Turns out a gentlemen 5 miles from where we had just came from lost his wedding ring while dumping yard debris in the woods behind his house. Mike had rented a metal detector and him and his wife had spent a few hours searching prior to calling me. They had given up finding it themselves. It was dark, so I hesitated for about 3 seconds before agreeing to meet them at their house and look for Mike’s Platinum and Gold spinner wedding ring. I arrived shortly and Mike showed me the general area, on the outside of his small wooden fence, where the ring was last headed. It was explained to me that Mike was standing up against the fence when he tossed a hand full of leaves onto the other side of his fence. We emptied the area of as much debris as possible and then proceeded to sweep the area. After a few minutes  I asked Mike to show me exactly where he was standing and exactly the motion he remembers going through when he lost his ring. Afterwards I went to where he was and slowly animated the movement. What I noticed was that the position he was in when his hands separated from the debris put his left hand in an almost parallel line with the fence. A ring will have a hard time coming off a finger unless it is straight or even hyper-flexed, and if Mike’s finger was straight or more the ring would have went over the fence off to the left over the fence, if over the fence at all. It could have even hit the fence. I did an about left face and started to stroll the fence line when in the beam of my headlight, yes I said headlight, I got a familiar glint. Shiny object LOL. There on the ground about 6 feet away was Mike’s ring. It would have made a nice ping sound the next time the grass was mowed, especially if not finding it left everyone thinking it was lost out in the woods. Happily reunited we with his ring, Mikes wife, Mike, and I went on to have a great few minutes of conversation about things I have found in the past and some of my more challenging ring returns. Really nice people and very appreciative. Folks, find something you are enthusiastic about and dearly treasure and do it, because we don’t get any second go’s at this life. I Love this hobby and under some circumstances do it for free, but what I have found is many people would not think of some kind of a token of their appreciation not being accepted. I added a few interesting finds just to change things up and of course a smile photo!          A couple odds and ends at bottom.

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