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Ring Lost Deep in the Fall Leaves

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

Got a message last night from a woman who had lost her wedding ring.

She was walking a forest trail in a local park with her toddler on her back and her young dog on a leash. Coming down a steep trail covered with fresh fallen oak leaves, she stepped over a fallen tree trunk, while her energetic dog decided to go airborne over it. The leash gave a hard yank on her hand and miraculously she felt her wedding ring break and fall off. She was able to see where a piece of the ring fell, so she carefully searched through the deep leaves and found that piece. Unfortunately, she didn’t see where the bigger piece had fallen, the section containing the diamonds.

This ring had a very sentimental history behind it. It had been worn by four generations of brides in the family, originating in the country of Poland. Needless to say, she was heartbroken and desperate to find it. She searched through the deep blanket of leaves for a long time, clearing a large area down to the soil, with no luck.

She went online later to try to find a place to rent a metal detector when she found my ad. Deciding to call me instead of trying to figure out how to run a detector. So we made plans to meet at 8:00 this morning, because I never know if a search is going to be a few minutes or all day.

I met her, her husband, their toddler son and their dog at the park. The little kid was fun to watch, he loved to show us how he could go up and down the banks, even with those tiny feet! She took me to the area where the mishap had taken place and I got started. I worked my detector coil methodically, pushing it side to side under the leaves. Got some signals from minerals in the rocks and from some old shotgun shell brass. Then I got a scratchy faint signal and dug my fingers in to search for the target. Under all the leaves and pushed 1/2” into the soil I saw something sparkle. There it was! She knelt down, picked it up and broke down with happy tears. Very nice ending! I have found hundreds of rings, but this one was probably the nost delicate ring I have ever found, very few metal detectors would’ve been able to find this one!

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