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Wedding Ring Lost in Burlington Vermont….Found

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

I got an email from a woman in Burlington Vt this morning explaining that her husband lost his platinum wedding band in the snow behind his office last night. I called her immediately and told her I could be there shortly.

He had been working late last night and went out back to throw things in the dumpster. He heard his ring hit the ground, so started searching, with no luck. Some coworkers came out with him to move cars and help search. It was snowing and no one could find it. They found my listing on the internet and decided to try The Ring Finders service.

When I arrived there this morning, I thought “oh no, there’s metal everywhere”. There were large metal tubs, dumpsters, guard posts and concrete full of re-bar. I was glad that I brought 3 of my detectors, in case there was a lot of interference. We started with the most likely spots and then had to get inventive. Using my plastic snow shovel, we dragged and shoveled snow out onto the parking lot where I could scan it with no interference. I was beginning to get nervous that it had driven off stuck in someone’s snow tire tread or that someone else had walked away with it through the night. After about a half hour I got the ring tone! It was in perfect condition and now it’s back on a happy hubby’s finger. What a nice way to start a day.

I also found out that their dogs are rescues! My kind of people!

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